Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday morning coming down

Yeah right. I wish. Sunday morning marinating chickens more like. But for a good reason. Was invited to go see Robbie's new bit of land with shack that will be converted into a palace fairly soon. The weather has been spectacular recently so had a barbecue. Had meats and stuff but the real revelation was grilled leeks with salt, pepper and olive oil twice wrapped in a silver foil with a little water inside. Basically steamed leeks of course but oh man so sweet and the bbqiness comes through to a point. It goes without saying that it has to do with the superb quality of the leeks from Can Paradas, the island's main organic producer. They are small, they are sweet, they are tender.

Can Paradas opens to the public twice a week on tuesdays and saturdays I believe and is up near San Miguel. It is where Sultan (I swear that is is name) gets his stuff for the Flying Aubergine. Fortunately they have fridges with their produce on sale in the better supermarkets all over the island. My local one in Jesus is Can Pascual. Good place for loitering. Amongst other things. I'll go on about Can Pascual and the Pasa Supermarket Group another time. You may wait with baited breath. Anyway.......
I went looking for asparagus trigeros (wild thin asparagus) cos they seem to be everywhere at the moment but of course none there goddammit. Perhaps to compensate there are loads of olive, almond, orange and lemon trees. The view across the valley also helps to make up for the lack of them. Anyway I complained bitterly on and on to Robbie and he seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. 


Ben Crawshaw said...

Mmm, I thought those grilled leeks were calçots. We're in mid-season here and every weekend that whiff of burning calçots comes wafting thru the garden signaling that it's time to seriously pig out.

Keep it coming.