Thursday, February 21, 2008

Let them eat....My wife

I couldnt make it today because I hurt my back lifting spring onions so Annie cooked for them instead.
This afternoon we went picking wild things en famille. We got rocket, aparagus and chard. The rocket is unbelievably peppery in flavour and has a very thick leaf. it is best used mixed in with other leaves as can be a bit full on on its own. Having said that tonight we will have the rocket unmixed accompanying the below omelette. Its little white flowers are a delight as well.
The asparagus is thin and spindly and a bitch to pick as it growns out of either prickly bushes or spikey bushes. I boil it and have it in a soft omelette with parsley and a bit of parmesan. An omelette and a glass of wine - she really got that right.
The chard is big leafed and thin stalked. I'm going to make a fresh pasta lasagne of it. This is incredibly labour intensive but the result is breathtaking.
There is something really right about picking wild food.