Sunday, February 3, 2008

The best pizza on Ibiza most of the time

Carpe Diem in Jesus has got to be one of the best restaurants on the island. Its been flying since it opened nearly two years ago. There have been lots of changes but essentially it is the same as when it opened - really good simple Italian food at very good prices. The pizzas are thin and big and some of the specials are exactly that.
I bought 3 pizzas there on saturday to take away. I ordered them and was told it would take about 20 minutes which I think they overstated by about 15 minutes. When I picked them up there were 4 waiting for me. An extra one cos the pizza chef had had a really late night and fucked up the last one so had to do it again. I got both the fuck up and the good one. God knows what they were talking about. They were both identical. They have a lot of late nights in there.