Friday, February 6, 2009


The weather may be crap.........but

This is my lunch. That in my hand is an organic (somehow that word is is beginning to piss me off) avocado with a mayonnaise made from eggs from down the road, ginger, superlative Ibiza lemon juice & it's zest, vegetable oil & a sip of walnut oil.

And right there in the background is Formentera.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get at them beans

These have to be one of the best reasons to live on ibiza. Broad beans in season in January and picked before they have turned into those marrowbone monstrosities I remember for childhood. Just look at the little darlings

An experiement

There is not a great deal of smoking that goes on in Spain and none that I know of in Ibiza (with the exception of myself). This is almost certainly because the climate is to warm. So they stick to salting and curing* . There are only a few months of the year that I am able to smoke as for a lot of the time the ambient temperature is higher that the ideal 28ÂșC needed for cold smoking.

I discovered a way of smoking with Sabina which is indigenous to the island. Sabina is resinous therefore not suitable for smoking as it leaves and acrid taste. Nonetheless I wanted to use Sabina because it is SO “of the island” and has such a wonderful aroma and I gave myself a gold star for figuring out a way to do it. This has led me on to wondering about other fuels that might be interesting.

I was out fishing on a beach last week as standing on a matt of seaweed that must have been half a metre high. The sea washes it in in the winter and the JCBs take it away in the summer (which is apparently terrible for the enviroment – upsetting the natural order of things blahblahblah). It occurred to me that it would be interesting to try smoking with it. To that end I have 2 salmon trout fillets being salted in preparation for smoking. Gonna cold smoke one and hot smoke the other.

The above was written a bit ago. The cold smoke didnt work cos I havent got a system with a burner set up to keep it alight (sabina and other woods dont need it). I hot smoked the salmon trout and was VERY HAPPY the results. I was so drunk in celebration its taken a while to get this down on iPaper. It really was excellent.

* there is a town in the Alpujarras in the south of Spain where they hang all the hams cos the climate perfect. High. Dry. And with sea breezes blowing up from the Mediterranean. The town is absolutely rammed with hams and you see them hanging EVERYWHERE. I aint gonna say where the town is cos when (not if) this blog goes viral there will be a million japonese and other tourists snapping away the charm.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Recipix - wild asparagus tortilla

It is the time of year again when in Ibiza it becomes possible to go and and pick your supper from the field next door. Yesterday I went out and got some asparagus and rocket flowers (this year the rocket leaves have gone past eating point and become grass flavoured earlier than usual). The asparagus is thin and spindly and needs a reasonable amount of boiling to get the bitterness out but I think that asparagus must not be cooked al dente anyway. It is a travesty of modernity.

ps make sure you click (or double click or whatever it is that you pc users do) to see the first photo. Its beautiful.