Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Let them eat.....red mullet - Staff Food in Ibiza

Red mullet as in the fish not dutch haircut. Very fresh, very bright eyed. They are a strange fish - firm flesh but falls apart easy. Strong tasting to the point that they are one of the the only fish that can take parmesan and it actually work. Red mullet and pesto is a classic dish from somewhere. Italy probably.
To continue on yesterday's subject of Ibiza's limited yet excellent produce you must know about the avocados. They are incredibly good. Surpass even ones that the taco benders grow down in Old Mexico. Mexico lindo. They are mainly the Haas variety, small, black with warty hard skins. There is a richness, silkiness and depth of flavour that makes outsiders seem bland even if they are reasonably good. They are on a par with the excellence of the Ibiza red potatoes. Killer.
Bombardino rigate (as mentioned yesterday) with chilli, garlic and anchovy. Killer.
Avocado, oak leaf and pinenut salad with sherry vinegar dressing.
Red mullets (salmontes) a la plancha. See photo.