Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ibiza - Where the wild things are

Going on a bit now about the wild things that grow but having said there is so much more out there than I know about (at the moment). Wood sorrel, those bright yellow flowers with thin green stalks that grow everywhere are excellent in salad. They have a sharp and lemonlike flavour and are a delight to bite down on. Again, there is something so satisfying about adding wild, free and tasty stuff to your food that you have collected yourself.

Rocket grows really plentifully here and has a very strong flavour. It grows in the fields but also seems to love builders sand and consequently is always all over building sites. Make sure you wash it in a couple of changes of water.

It is much more peppery than normal supermarket rocket. The flavour can sometimes be so strong that it is best added to other leaves in salad to dissipate some of its power. It is superb stirred into soups, risottos or pastas too.

I had the below. It was so nice I'm having it again now

Rocket and anchovy Bombardino

175g DeCecco Bombardino
4 anchovies
2 teeth of garlic
some chilli
a handful of wild rocket

Boil water and cook pasta as instructed on packet. Meanwhile fried chopped garlic and chilli in some of the oil the anchovies came in. When the garlic starts to colour add the anchovies and fry until dissolved. Take off the heat. Drain the pasta reserving some of its starchy liquor. Mix in the anchovy garlic and chilli and give a really good stir adding some of the pasta water till you have an emulsified, silky, unctuous, heavenly sauce and pour into your bowl. Put the wild rocket leaves on top, look at it appreciating its beauty then stir them in and eat it.