Friday, March 21, 2008

let them eat....the chef

Ibiza. Jesus. It is Mickey Mouse land. In Ibiza, every day is Wednesday, every day is Mickey Mouse day. Get this: I am now cooking for the chef of the villa. He is back and installed but no guests are arriving till June so I have been asked to stay on (I was due to finish in April). So now I am cooking for the staff, the Belgium sound installation guys (still here after 1 1/2 months), the project manager's mother and......the chef. Can you dig it? A chef is hired to cook for the chef. Ibiza. I love it.


This has been one busy week. I have been cooking up there of course but also had a party for some Pachairtes, a large delivery for a family over for easter and tasting to do for a couple who are getting married in May. Though the tasting was only for two I still had to prepare the whole wedding meal. It was a sort of dry run but i noticed that the fiances werent in their wedding outfits.
I dont want to get in the habit of just writing lists of food but it is all I can muster at the moment.

Monday: Chicken and roast vegetable salad
Tuesday: Grilled swordfish marinated in chilli, lemon zest, garlic and thyme,
lentil salad, basmati rice
Wednesday: Leek and cheese tart
Salt cod brandade on crostini with a shot of fino
Morrel, wild garlic and potato tortilla
Chicken liver pate with onion marmalade
Potato and green bean salad
Peppers piedmontes
Roast aubergines
Roast courgettes
Fried whole ribeye
Seared tuna carpacchio
Sauce gribiche
Cucumber, coriander and ginger salsa
Chocolate fudge cake with raspberry sauce
Thursday: Polenta bolognese
Chicken and trompetes de la mort stew
Shepherd's pie
Cottage pie
Courgette, chilli and cream sauce (for pasta)
Monkfish and grouper suquet
Friday:  Grated tomato, garlic salt and olive oil
Spanish tortilla
Grilled chorizo
Meatballs with lemon zest, thyme and garlic in tomato sauce
Venus clams with chilli and beans goddam delicious
Grilled squid
Grilled seabass
Grilled octopus
Grilled swordfish
Potato and green bean salad
Mango and coriander salsa
Salsa verde
Hazelnut meringues with strawberries, whipped cream and 
Tarte aux pommes

Oh yeah and I cut my finger. Badly. I NEVER (until now) cut myself or burn myself cos I take care and have no time for people who dont. They are dangerous, they end up making my life harder and I am supposed for feel sympathy for them. I have two words for them - blow me. 
So consequently i've got a bad back as well.