Thursday, January 31, 2008

Let them eat lunch - Staff Food in Ibiza

Staff lunch

Romanesco, potato and egg salad - boil eggs and potatoes in their skins, remove, allow to cool and skin. Rough chop them and put in bowl. Blanch romanesco and refresh. Add to bowl. Chop herbs, capers, spring onion and gherkins and add to bowl. Mix mustard, lemon and olive oil together and pour over everything then mix with your hands, season and mix again.

Salmon trout fillets - a la plancha. Meanwhile heat up butter and chopped blanched almonds till it goes brownish and is foaming then add lemon juice. Pour over fish.

Greek salad - totally out of season of course but strangely all the vegetables were excellent even for the time of year. See above.

My lunch
Unbelievable hand gathered wild clams form galicia with fino, chilli and garlic. Recipix to follow.

Kids tea
carrot and hummous
Pippi Longstocking

Weather: good

Stuff being out of season - It is really difficult to tell what is and what isnt when there is a glut of broad beans (and good broad beans) in December. When the long green peppers are as crisp and sparkling as they are in summer. When there seem to be 3 - 4 potato crops a year. I dont know if it is the same on mainland Spain but it is confusing for ye olde worlde eengleeshman.