Wednesday, May 6, 2015

you fuckers

What a bunch of cunts. I know that is fucking bad language but Jesus H Fucking Christ why are we allowing ourselves to be treated with such utter contempt. Is it a doorstep? Is it a doorstop? Fuck off you absolute heel. Its shit bread filled with shit ingredients. 

The 'Little Bit of British Inspiration in All Our Food?' The inspiration to treat the masses as ignorant cattle in the firm belief and secure knowledge that we will swallow it not only without a qualm but willingly too – “all we need to do is point at the magic lifestyle reflecting mirror with one finger leaving our other hand entirely free to rifle their pockets with abandon.”

“Our art is created with potato prints” – shame they couldn’t put anything as natural in the stuff they pass as food. “Real food, hand crafted” – crafted by food handlers wearing hairnets  and surgical gloves scraping a living on minimum wage

They, whoever they are, are so right to treat us as imbeciles, we behave as such.

I had two.