Friday, December 5, 2008

let them eat....Spinach Spaghettis

I didnt let them eat this actually as there wasnt enough. It was a byproduct of the spinach I served them with the COQ au vin. I like to pull the stalks off spinach cos otherwise it seems stringy when eating but I do not like chucking the stalks away. So I melted some anchovies in olive oil with some chilli and garlic and the put the stalks in the pan with the mix. I put a lid on it and turned up the volume, lifting the lid off occasionally to stir. When the stalks were cooked (a couple of minutes) I simply poured them out on to my plate and ate them as a starter whilst the staff watched and waited for me to finish before they were allowed to eat their own lunch. Discipline is important in a kitchen.

It worked beautifully on its own and a few days later I did the same thing but added the mix to some spaghetti. The result was equally wicked.