Tuesday, August 19, 2008

you ever come across these mothers?

I was recently in an Italian suppliers to get some 00 flour cos the flour I have found so far here is rubbish. I was looking at the artisanal pastas and picked up a pack of paccheri which are, 6 months after I first found them, still rocking my world. This time they were made by another company but still very nice, yeah, yeah, blah blah blah but as I was buying them the guy on the counter said ' eh! you! you eva tried dese tomatoes? Dey da best.' I said no I hadnt tried them tomatoes and he said "cazzo, you gotta try dem." So I said alright and I bought some. JESUS Man, oh man oh man oh man. These tomatoes are way out there.

I have never liked tinned tomatoes unless they have been cooked for a minimum of 3 hours in copious olive oil, garlic and onion. The guy in the shop said "3 minutes." I called him a goddam liar. He laughed and shut the door in my face.

So I went home, I boiled my Paccheri for its 15 minutes and in the meantime I fried a little bit of garlic in some olive oil, heated the tomatoes in this blessed mix and cooked for 3 minutes." Goddammit if that little effer wasn't right. These tomatoes are nothing short of wonderful in the true sense of the word given what other things are sold in guise of tinned tomatoes. Sweet. Rich. Dark. Deep. Soft. Dense. Goddammit these are the real thing.

Apparently they feature in the Godfather which surely must be the greatest endorsement of all.

you wanna know more about them? follow this link http://www.gustiamo.com/cgi-bin/front_end/prodotto?id=37

Il Miracolo di San Gennaro
Find them, try them. You will like them