Saturday, April 19, 2008

Let them eat....Thai Beef Salad

This is nice. 

And it serves four. 

25 minutes preparation. 10 minutes cooking




400g steak (I use entraña)                                            

3 cloves of garlic                                                              

1 bunch of coriander stalks                                   

A goodly amount of ground black pepper                 

a bit of oil                                                                       




1 soft leafed lettuce, washed                                   

200 g cherry tomatoes                                              

1 cucumber                                                                       

4 Spring onions                                                               

The leaves from the coriander bunch                                                                                                             



2 tbsps fish sauce

2 tbsps lime juice

1 tbsp soy sauce                                                              

2 tsps chopped red chilli

2 tsps brown sugar


Chop or blend the garlic, black pepper and coriander stalks with the oil. Rub this into the steak. As always rub it in good (ladies) Set aside for 20 minutes minimum, then grill it rare and then let it cool                                            


Wash lettuce and rip into nice sized bits. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Peel and chop the cucumber. Chop the white and some of the green of the spring onions. Toss  all together with the coriander leaves (reserving a few tomatoes and coriander leaves to make it look fancy at the end).


To assemble

Mix up dressing and dress salad, slice steak and lay prettily on salad and finish with reserved coriander leaves and cherry tomatoes



La Otra Gente said...

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u r a very good cock. cook. i think, i will cum to evissa!!!!!!!!


La Otra Gente said...


I'm making your food tomorrow.

Mark said...

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All I can do is apologise.

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